“The Miracle Worker” by Mia Alvar in The Missouri Review

One of our (dear) Code Meet Print members, Mia Alvar, has a wonderful short story just published in the The Missouri Review winter issue. “‘The Miracle Worker’ is a part of a collection about Filipino exiles, immigrants and wanderers who uproot their families, settle on alien ground and struggle to connect across real and imagined borders,” says the author.

A year had passed since my husband, Ed, and I had moved from the Philippines to Bahrain, and still I thought of these three stories as “the” house—not “our” house, certainly not “my.” Expatriate families like ours were well-provided for: a car, a travel allowance, the promise of schooling if we were ever to have a child. Strangest of these provisions, to me, was the house. Too large for two people, it was outfitted with luxuries I would never have chosen myself: gold leather upholstery, curtains embroidered with camels and date trees, shelves and tables with brass frames and glass surfaces. Plush red carpeting covered every inch of floor except in the bathrooms and the kitchen. We wanted for nothing, and none of it was ours.

The Missouri Review is available in NYC at Barnes & Noble (let us know where else?). Mia is also headed to Yaddo (whose writers have won 66 Pulitzer Prizes and 61 National Book awards) next week. #Kudos