The Laboratory: NYC Startup Weekend

Some exciting news is afoot, beginning with a Partnership with NYC Startup Weekend! NYCSW is a series of Weekend events where Designers, Technologists, and Business-Strategy folks form small groups and build web and mobile apps that “could form the basis of a business”. You might have heard of Zaarly, which got its start by winning Startup Weekend LA at the beginning of 2011 and just recently closed a $14mm Series A funding round led by Kleiner Perkins, which brought Meg Whitman onto its Board

To begin our collaboration, Code Meet Print Members, are entitled to 25% off tickets to the upcoming NYC Startup Weekend on Nov 18-20thJust use code “CMP” when registering; Design and Programming skillsets preferred, but the discount is good for all Members. (I was one of the Judges at the last NYCSW, but unfortunately any CMP-related winners will be picked by someone else this time!)