Code Meet Presents: 11 Texts + Tech Holiday Gifts

I couldn’t resist doing a list.

Please find below a little list of gifts to for friends, family, and kids across the intersections of Texts, Tech, Media, and well, great reading.  

1. The Broadcast

Since we can’t easily show off our exquisite taste in reading to other subway and coffee-shop-goers in the age of digital, why not let the world know what books you love with an iPhone cover or vintage-feeling t-shirt?  Our friends at Out of Print let you do just that.

2. The Bespoke

Our hometown favorite McNally Jackson boasts just 1 of 80 Espresso Book Machines worldwide, where you can choose from a cloud library of 7 million titles to print books on-demand.  They’re even doing a holiday special that can include “Your message on the back, your note inside” if you so choose.  Re-gift risk: low.

3. The Reader

Flipboard needs little explanation to the Code Meet Print community, e.g. saying it is pushing the edges of how we consume and experience media and enabling all manner of reading delight across our news and social feeds.  Gift it to anyone with an iOS device who doesn’t yet have it.  (They just launched the iPhone app last week.)  Oh, and it’s free.

4. The Cruellest

I wanted to call this one “The Stuffiest” but I just couldn’t avoid a mini-quote from this required collegiate reading.  ”The Waste Land” gets its iPad remix from Touch Press, including what Faber’s Poetry Editor says is a “hitherto unknown recording of Eliot reading” from 1933, featuring the poet’s signature Missouri/English accent.  Gift it straight from your IPad or iTunes on any computer.

5. The Stylus (Analog)

Because no digital medium will last longer than paper.  And because the fastest and sometimes best wireframing and brainstorming tool is still pen(cil) and paper.

6. The Dust Jacket

“Made from black Moroccan cloth and constructed using traditional bookbinding techniques” makes this iPad 2 case a bookish exterior indeed.  Last day to have them monogrammed in time for XMas delivery is today!

7. The Code Meet(s) Print

A free eBook highlighting the best articles from 5 years of Smashing Magazine, including “Print Loves Web” and “Ten Usability Guidelines and Principles”.  A must for anyone at the center of the intersection of Texts + Tech.

8. The Splurge

“I am thinking of aurochs and angels, the secret of durable pigments, prophetic sonnets, the refuge of art.”  Indeed.  Not quite secret-santa-priced at $2,500 at the Strand Rare Book floor, but this rare 1st edition (Paris: Olympia Press, 1955) would to be worth it to many learned scholars, and not just lepidopterologists.

9. The Graffiti

Tell the stories you always wish you could with aerosol, in a notebook.  For $17.  I’m looking at you, Banksy.

10. The Transmedia

The app that is a book about books that is a movie that is expanding the way touch screens let us experience stories.  For kids of every age.  Give it.

11. The Stylus (Capacitive Touch Screen)*

I first saw Cosmonaut Stylus via @marcoarment and can’t wait to give it a whirl.  Re: tablet compatibility: “As a rule of thumb, if it works with your finger, it will work with the Cosmonaut.” *OK, so this one doesn’t ship for another 4 or so, but, gifts can be tardy, right?